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Create your account on digitaleafs by inserting some basis required details.

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Create Your Card

By using your innovative can add URL's/links of their business pages and social can garnish digital visiting card with video & Images.

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Share Your Card

Sharing a digital business card with anyone in no time proves to be very fruitful. because you can share it with a unique URL/link on Whatsapp, email, message, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.

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In this digital world; its easy & time saving to plan virtual business mettings for your further deals.

Add video & Cover picture with logo to your Digital Business Card

Video,cover picture & logo in your digital business card helps other person to understand about ypur services and product by just having a look at it.

It creates an everlasting impression on people's minds.It also saves time for reading the content. because one prefers to watch videos and images over reading.

Lead Traffic & Export Lead

Leading in traffic is one of the powerful aspects of a digital business card. Today everyone becomes digital and wants everything to be digital. Which can be done in just one click.

one well build URL can drive all the traffic on your social media, website and anywhere on digital platform.

Share your unique card URL

You can share your digital card with a unique URL.

Open your card & click on share button.Then choose how you want to send the URL.Insert one's email,mobile no.Then click on send.

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Making the switch to digital cards.

So, you’re ready to give paper the flick?

Let’s be honest, changing a habit can be challenging.

Paper business cards have been engrained in our business relationships since the 17th century. They’re older than the calculator. Switching to digital cards comes with a suite of benefits once we rethink the way we connect with people.

Today, we’re living in a mobile-first, digital-first age where printing email addresses on a piece of paper is counter-intuitive. Making the switch means more time nurturing relationships and less time searching for paper cards at the bottom of your bag.