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Why choose Digital Card?

Save Time & Money

In business, time is money. Now, amend and update information on your virtual business card anywhere and everywhere just by logging into your account.

0% paper, 100% sustainable.

2 million trees are cut down every year to print business cards. By switching to digital cards, you’re keeping trees in the ground.It’s our commitment to regenerate the planet.

Savvy marketing tool.

Digital card works as a clever marketing tool by driving traffic to your website, social media and key company links.

Target Leads more efficiently

Increase your business prospects, by finding your target audience easily through more focused search and connect options.

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We love social media just as much as you

Extend your reach and drive traffic to your social pages by adding social links to your digital card. Choose from 18 social media platforms — the most of any digital business card provider.

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Professional Enterprise Pack

Everything in the Platinum Pack + Customised features based on your requirement.

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